All About Snow Crab : Characteristic, Diet, and Profile

The Snow crab is a primarily epifaunal crustacean which is belonging to rack depths in the northwest Atlantic Sea and north Pacific Ocean. It is likewise referred to as Queen crab, Tanner crab and also Chionoecetes opilio. It is actually popular commercial species of Chionoecetes. There are actually 7 varieties in the category Chionoecetes, and all of which birth the very same name ‘Snow crab’. It is actually likewise connected to Chionoecetes tanneri, which is commonly known as the Tanner crab. As well as other species are usually located in the chilly, north Seas.

The Snow crabs are located in the Western Atlantic from Greenland, Newfoundland to the Bay of Maine. In the North Pacific they are located from Arctic Alaska westward to north Siberia and also southward via the Bering Strait to the Aleutian Islands, Okhotsk, Kamchatka, Korea as well as Asia.

The Snow crab is actually economically a really necessary types of crab and it is actually typically recorded with traps or by trawling. The male crabs along with a total duration of above 9.1 centimeters long are the absolute most generally entraped. Having said that, read through some additional information about this crab varieties below.

Snow Crab Characteristics

The Snow complainers possess just about equally vast and also long shells, or even defensive shell-coverings over their bodies. Their tubercles, or the physical projections on their covering, are moderately enclosed in calcium deposits, and they include addicted setae, which are firm, however bouncy, hair-like organs on their paws.

These crabs generally possess a parallel rostrum at the front end of the shell. Their rostrum is really only an expansion of the tough, shell covering of the shell and also it boasts 2 standard horns separated by a gap. They have well-defined stomach and branchial locations inside, and also have triangular spines.

The Snow crabs likewise have little bit of grains along the edge of their bodies, except their digestive tract area. Their 1st 3 strolling lower legs are actually compressed. Their pincers or chelipeds are usually much smaller, much shorter or even equal to their walking legs.

In scenario of pigmentation, the Snow crabs are iridescent and variety in different colors coming from brownish to light reddish on best as well as coming from yellowish to white colored on the bottom, and are actually brilliant white on the sides of their feets. The mature man Snow complainers can hit up to 15 centimeters.


The Snow crabs are actually scavengers. The fully grown crabs are primarily nourish on annelids, shellfish decapods and fish. Cannibalism is actually likewise practised at opportunities one of snow crabs, the majority of regularly by intermediate-sized girls.


The Snow crabs possess an incredibly higher procreative potential. Each single women crab carries eggs yearly. A female crab can carry approximately 150,000 eggs under their mid-sections after mating. As well as the women are actually enriched inside. The male crabs are capable of breeding at each immature and also fully grown stages of their lives. The ladies typically lay their eggs in really deep places of the sea like in down payments of phytodetritus.


The Snow complainers are eatable complainers. They are mainly utilized for food.

Unique Details

The Snow crab is a financially crucial crab types. It was frequently caught through trappers in the 1980s, although trapping has lowered since then. And also considerably of the trapping has been in Canada for office make use of. In the year of 2013, the very first commercial sportfishing for the species in the Barents Ocean

The mature Snow crabs commonly live in between 5 and 6 years. They typically molt as well as mate an ultimate time prior to their fatalities, and afterwards perish. These crabs commonly develop gradually and also are structured according to their size. There go to minimum 11 identified phases for male crabs.

Currently the Snow complainers are actually extremely rich in the Atlantic Ocean area. Even more especially they are actually found in the Western Atlantic area near Greenland, Newfoundland, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and also on the Scotian Rack.

The Snow complainers like to stay in the benthic shelve and higher slope of the sea. They love to stay in the sloppy as well as soft sand bases, and also in depths as shallow as 20 meters and also as deep as 1,200 meters. Usually they may be discovered at 70-280 meter depths in the Atlantic waters.

The Snow complainers are actually generally made use of for food. Assessment full species profile of the Snow crab in the following table.

Snow Crab | Kind Profile

  • NameSnow : Crab
  • Kingdom : Animalia
  • Phylum : Arthropoda
  • Class : Malacostraca
  • Order : Decapoda
  • Family : Oregoniidae
  • Genus : Chionoecetes
  • Species : C. opilio
  • Binomial Name : Chionoecetes opilio
  • Various other : Names Also recognized Queen crab, Tanner crab and Chionoecetes opilio
  • Kind Purpose : Food
  • Unique Notes : Economically important crab types, 5-6 years common life-span, normally molt as well as procreate an ultimate opportunity before their deaths, and after that pass away, increase fairly slowly, currently quite bountiful in the Atlantic ocean region, these complainers usually favor to reside in the benthic rack and also upper pitch of the sea, love to reside in the muddy and soft sand bases, mostly utilized for food, preferred as meals in lots of nations
  • Breeding Method : Natural
  • Weather Tolerance : Native environment
  • Body system Color : Iridescent and also array in shade from brown to light-toned reddish on top and coming from yellow to white colored under, and are actually vivid white colored on the sides of their feet
  • Rarity : Common
  • Availability : Northwest Atlantic and also north Pacific Oceans. The Snow crab is actually a mainly epifaunal shellfish which is indigenous to rack midsts in the northwest Atlantic Ocean as well as north Pacific Ocean. It is additionally called Queen crab, Tanner crab and also Chionoecetes opilio. The Snow crab is financially a very necessary varieties of crab as well as it is frequently recorded along with traps or even through trawling. The Snow crab is a financially significant crab species. The Snow crabs prefer to stay in the benthic shelf and also upper pitch of the sea.

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