The Most Expensive Wood

Wood is one of the most commonly used materials in our world. It can be found in homes, furniture, and even clothing. But there are some woods that are rarer than others. The most expensive wood on Earth is a type of tree called “Brazilian rosewood” or “pau ferro” which grows primarily in Brazil. To find out more about this rare species, check out the rest of this blog post!

Brazilian rosewood / pau ferro

Brazilian rosewood / pau ferro are one of the most expensive woods in the world. They can be found abundantly through out Brazil, but they have a very specific look and feel that cannot be faked by any other wood species.

Brazilian Rosewood is considered to be one of the softest hardwoods on earth due to it’s composition which has both an oily resin content as well as tannin compounds combined with its natural oils from within itself; giving Brazilian Rosewood such a smooth yet beautifully rugged texture- perfect for even those who may struggle with sensitive skin or allergies!

Black Palm

Black Palm is the one of most expensive wood in the world with a price tag of $2,000 per cubic meter. The tree’s rarity and high demand make it one of those materials that are so valuable yet people rarely use because there won’t be any left for them to buy

The Black Palm can grow up to 120ft tall from its roots but takes decades before they have enough strength to stand on their own without support. It also has an extremely unusual growth pattern where rainforest trees will eventually die as new ones take root around them – this means that cutting down older palms not only removes mature trees (which contain more lumber), you’re killing potential future generations by stopping replacement cycles.

Bolivian Rosewood

The Bolivian Rosewood is a rare and expensive variety of wood. It can be found in the tropical rainforests of South America, North Africa, Southeast Asia and some parts of Central Europe.

Ever since ancient times people have valued this precious resource for its beauty as well as its rich fragrance which lasts long after it has been cut up into planks or turned into furniture pieces; even more so today when artificial materials are widely used to imitate these characteristics that nature provides us with.


The people of Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines are fortunate to have access to Teak. This wood is an excellent choice for those looking for a hardwood that will be able just as well indoors or outside in their backyard decking area. Teak’s most prized attribute is its resistance against rot due it being naturally insect resistant thanks to natural oils which work like pesticides so insects can’t infest them!


Cocobolo is the type of wood that can cost up to $1200 per cubic foot. It’s so valuable because it has a beautiful, deep red color and an oily texture that makes for great instruments or furniture pieces.

Cocobolo is one of the most expensive types of woods out there! With such bright colors like vibrant reds and oranges, these trees are sought after by many people who want their home décor to be luxurious yet different from any other house on the block. Cocobloos produce a natural oil in them which creates this gorgeous look when crafted into something as simple as light fixtures at your front door entrance way


Wenge wood is one of the most expensive in the world. The beautiful dark color and knotty texture makes it a sought-after commodity for furniture makers, guitar builders, musical instruments manufacturers, and more. Polychromatic wenge can be polished to give off an opulent luster that is unique among woods on earth!


Ebony is a dark to black wood, which grows in tropical regions like India and South America. It has been used for centuries as an expensive material because it’s very hard and durable while still being lightweight.

If you’re looking for something that will last forever – this might be the perfect tree trunk!


Mahogany is one of the most expensive woods in the world. It’s often used for luxury furniture and boats, because it resists insect infestation so well.

Mahogany trees are tall with dark bark that looks like jagged teeth from a distance; this gives them their name: ‘mahoganies’. Mahagony wood has historically been difficult to find due to its high-quality status – only rich people could afford mahagony items before industrialization made it more affordable than ever!


Walnut is a type of wood that many people find to be the most expensive. These trees are often found in areas like California and Oregon with an abundance of rainfall, which allows them their tall height.

Walnuts have been used for centuries throughout history as symbols for peace or unity because they’re known as “the tree of life.”


Oak is one of the most expensive woods on earth. It’s used to make everything from homes and furniture, to barrels for wine and whiskey aging. In fact, it was so important in medieval England that people would store their wealth in oak chests instead of money or jewels!

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